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Integer Technologies is an end-to-end system designer and integrator of new sustainable concepts for combined heating, cooling and electrical installations in residential buildings.

Forward Design

Future-proof installations that ensure the resident’s energy needs are met for years to come.


Up to 60% of a household’s total energy consumption goes towards space heating. With our installations, this is now fully supplied by locally generated renewable energy.


Installations and control systems designed with the best user experience in mind to ensure sustainability does not diminish comfort.


Climate change has turned sustainability from hype into a bitter necessity. From January 1st 2021, new construction in the Netherlands has to comply with Near Zero Energy Building (NZEB) requirements and adapt to new sustainable practices. These include the phasing out of gas as a means of space heating and the installation of roof photovoltaics. Moreover, rising temperatures in summer make cooling a genuine necessity for all new and existing homes. The shift towards all-electric heating and cooling installations, coupled with increased local generation with solar, leads to higher stress on the electric grid. This will translate into higher energy tariffs.

Furthermore, current building designs resort to a single installation per home approach. This leads to excess use of raw materials and less efficient operation, diminishing the potential for sustainability. These building installation designs depend on net metering schemes to be economically feasible, which will not be possible in the future.

Besides a push for more sustainable housing, the Netherlands is simultaneously facing an ever-increasing housing shortage. In 2019, it was estimated that demand lagged supply by 263.000 dwellings. Social housing corporations, which represent one-third of Dutch housing stock, are directly affected.


We present the Integer Installation Concept for residential buildings. The design is based on energy reuse and efficiency maximization. The core heating, cooling, and electrical installations are designed to service an entire 6 unit apartment building. Some of the key features integrated into our design:

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